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PokéWar 2.1

Post by Valo on Thu Mar 31, 2011 6:12 pm

What is PokéWar?

PokéWar is a part-forum part-battle simulator game that involves several teams fighting for what is essentially dominance of the Pokémon World. PokéWar began last year, created by me, and this is basically try 2 of the same game that recently ended. But this version promises to make the former look like the beta version it was as I really wasn't sure how it was going to turn out. Alas, inactivity struck and teams of 1 are probably going to be utilized to counter this issue. PokéWar merges elements of real warfare with Pokémon battling strategies, as you duke it out with cunning and sheer power.

The Aim of the Game

Players are split into 5 teams: Team Rocket, Team Magma, Team Aqua, Team Galactic and Team Plasma. Each possess their own territory; and within that territory are three bases. Teams try to break through opposing teams' borders and defenses to take that territory. Every team have the same goal; take over the world. This is achieved by breaching other teams' defenses and taking over their bases.

Acquiring Pokémon

>>> When you begin, you will receive 30 random Pokémon that are typically evolved and non-uber, bar some cases. They also have no Dream World abilities. These are your starting Pokémon and you will assign them to your trainers (explained later).
>>> In the game you cannot normally obtain Dream World Pokémon. However, 'No Man's Land' features DW Pokémon and not much else. A random Pokemon is selected and you may take it, but you may reject it. You have three chances to take a Pokémon and if all three are bad, that's too bad. You may only visit No Man's Land after you have breached another team's border and it is only to be visited once per day. However, if two people request to visit No Man's Land within an hour of each other, they must fight for the Pokémon. They engage in a battle between the invading departments and the losers may not visit No Man's Land that day again. The winners participate like normal. Only Valo may grant users access to this feature.
>>> You may recruit more grunts, and through that, more Pokémon. Your offensive department may participate in a 3v3 triples battle with a random trainer and if they win, that trainer joins your team as a grunt with their Pokémon. You may only recruit once per day. Any member may create the team using a RNG and do this battle for the recipient, HOWEVER if somebody appears to be repeatedly making obscenely bad/good teams, they will not be allowed to create teams anymore. Once per day.
>>> If you have cash to burn, you may recruit grunts for $500 each. They come with just one Pokémon. You may only recruit one grunt per day via this method. Only Valo may grant users access to this feature.

Grunts and Bosses

You begin with 6 grunts, and the methods for acquiring more are in the above section. You assign Pokémon you have available to these grunts. You may assign as many grunts as you like to each department, but they cannot move. They may only trade 1 Pokémon with other grunts every twenty-four hours, and during this period, they cannot battle at all. They may only use Pokémon with a BST of 540 or below until they win 5 battles. Each team has a boss; Cyrus, Giovanni, Ghetsis, Archie, and Maxie. They may use any Pokemon including legendaries. However, the boss can only battle when all bases have been taken. If the boss wins, they have a chance to rebuild with some fresh Pokemon for the grunts. If they lose, the territory is given up to the victors. If you have absolutely nothing left, your team is out of the game.

Grunts do your dirty work. You battle with them to defend or invade bases. If they lose an invasionary battle, there is a 25% chance they will quit, and a 25% chance they will join the other team in question. However, they will return half of their Pokemon to you, rounded up. You may place more than one grunt in a department.

But think of grunts like prostitutes. They don't do it for free. No, when you receive a grunt they have a 3-battle contract. You may extend this for another 3 for $500 Once these battles are up, they leave and you can replace them. You cannot move grunts to different bases at all, and you may only add one new grunt every 24 hours to a department.


>>> Offensive: May contain up to 3 grunts. The offensive department are the ones go out there and invade other territories and claim them for their team. The offensive department are relied on to actually achiever anything. Without a good offensive department, you are not going anywhere.
>>> Inner Defenses: May contain up to 8 grunts. The inner defenses are split into three groups, each defending a certain base with a maximum of 3 grunts per base. If your inner defenses are beaten, then you lose that base so having good inner defenses is recommended.
>>> Border Patrol: May contain up to three grunts. The border patrol are your first line of defense. When somebody tries to take over your territory, they have to get through the border first. The border patrol attempt to stop any intruders and with a weak front line, you will be exposed to invasions.
>>> Scouting Squad: May contain one grunt and no more. This grunt must have at least two Pokémon with them. The scouting squad can be sent out once per day to any territory you like. There is 50% chance of them getting past border patrol. If they fail, they and their Pokemon are captured by that territory. If they succeed, they discover information of a random grunt in the opponent's inner defense department.

Invading and Defending

So you've got your grunts in your chosen departments, with Pokémon you are satisfied with. Now this is the time for you to invade places and defend your turf. Utilizing your offensive squad, you can choose a territory to invade. You must battle the border patrol of that territory to try and get access to the territory. Losing a battle at the border delays you from invading that place for 24 hours. The losers of a border battle lose their whole team, but the other team does not claim them. They just die. So it is a big risk. If a border is breached, it cannot be breached again for 48 hours by anyone, unless the invasionary squad is still in the territory.

However, in a battle for a base, there is a 25% chance the losing grunt will quit, and a 25% chance they will join the other team in question. Half of the Pokémon faint in any loss in a battle for a base. They will either return half the Pokémon to you or take them to the other team, depending on the option chosen further up. You may keep invading until you lose a battle, then you must wait 24 hours.

The battles take place grunt vs grunt, one at a time. If there are three invading grunts and 4 defending for example, they will battle with one of their choice each. The winners face the next grunt of the opposition etc. The winners are the ones who win a battle and their opponent have no more teams to battle with. Battles take place on the Smogon University server on Pokémon Online, we will usually have a channel there. The usual clauses such as sleep will be on, but spectators must be allowed. Battles are typically a normal single battle until stated otherwise. I do not have to be present for invasions, but please wait a couple of hours before commencing battle as I might show up. If I don't make sure you both save the log and the WINNER should send it to me via PM on this forum. Winning a battle gains you $250.


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